Corporate event planners plan and organize all details of a corporate event. The planner should cater to a client’s wishes to complete the job effectively.

Some services offered by event planners may include conference services such as audio and video equipment, trade shows, and seminars. Also, the planner is responsible for finding the best location, hiring event help, and monitoring the food supply to make sure guests receive the best experience.

A corporate event planner is considered the corporate event organizer and an important corporate professional. A successful event planner should develop a wide range of skills to perform work duties. Some of these skills can be gained in a short time while others may take longer to develop.

Multi-dimensional Skills:

A planner should be able to work on different projects. For example, a planner may handle an annual meeting on Monday morning and a conference on Tuesday afternoon.


Computer Skills:

A planner may have to use events planning software to perform business duties. The planner should know how to add and delete the event information based on each client.

Time Management Skills:

A corporate event may be scheduled several months in advance or it may be scheduled several days in advance. An event planner must keep track of time to maintain a good client relationship.

Interpersonal Skills:

The ability to deal with individuals with different backgrounds. For instance, a planner may be discussing pictures with a celebrity photographer one day and receiving flowers from a delivery person on another day.

Organizational Skills:

A planner should create a checklist for each client. This helps prevent overscheduling and missed deadlines such as not ordering enough food for a specific event.

Communication Skills:

A corporate planner should have the ability to speak and write information. For example, the event planner may hire a florist to create a floral arrangement and the planner should be able to reach an agreement.

Financial Skills:

The ability to remain with a budget shows corporate clients that the selected event planner is a professional. A planner who goes over budget regularly will not receive business referrals.

Interior Decorating Skills:

A corporate event planner should have a basic understanding of decor such as lighting. The ability to know how to highlight a room or set of rooms allows a planner to make sure vendors are performing the job correctly.

Corporate event planners require a full range of skills including financial, computer, and time management abilities to provide good service to each client.

A successful planner understands the importance of establishing and maintaining a credible background. Regardless of an event’s size or location, an event planners main purpose is to fulfill the client’s wishes.