Some singles put off relationships and marriage until they are more secure in their careers. This can mean long hours working and less time building a social life. If this becomes routine, meeting new people is more difficult as the years go on. Rather than spending so many hours at work, learn to give your social life more time.

Schedule Networking and Social Time as if It Were Another Meeting You Need to Attend

When you’re really busy, one trick to get focused on your personal life is to make an appointment with yourself to socialize. Write a time down in your schedule book that you cannot break. Make it specific, with a time, place, and purpose, just like you would a regular meeting. At the specified time, go to a coffee shop, mixer, or singles event and make an effort at meeting people.

This small change might seem slight, but it will help get your mind back on your social life. By scheduling the time, it will help you say no to last minute work projects that pop up while also helping with the “I’m too busy” excuse. By blocking out a certain number of hours each week to devote to your dating life, you can tell your employer you have an already scheduled commitment. You don’t need to tell your boss what it is. After all, it’s none of his business.

Go Online to Find Dates


Internet dating is perfect for busy singles because you can log on and chat with people anytime you want. You can combine your time online with the “scheduling” strategy listed above, by making coffee date appointments on your calendar each week.

The key with online dating is not to go in with the goal of meeting the perfect person. Instead, simply try to meet people. Even people who are wrong for you. Get in the habit of going out on dates so you remember that your social life is equally as important as your work life. Remember, dating is a numbers game: the more people you meet, the better chance you have of finding the right one for you.

Stop Apologizing When You Have Plans

Singles can sometimes feel bad about saying no to work. It can be a bit embarrassing to say, “I can’t work late because I have a date.” Instead, don’t explain your plans. When you have a date (even if it’s a coffee date), just say you are unavailable, and leave it at that. The more you do it, the easier it will be to balance your work life with dating. You need time for your career and a social life. One without the other will leave you wanting more, so give each element the proper amount of attention.