Being a leader isn’t always easy. It is especially hard if you were thrown into a leadership role out of necessity without formal training. Reviewing the following questions will help you decide whether leadership training will be a priority in your professional development plan.

Deciding on Leadership Training. Is it For You?

Does your team respect you?

If you have the feeling that there is discontent and a lack of respect, it could be simply because you do not have to tools to earn respect. Leadership training can provide models of best practice that you can then adopt into your leadership style to prove to your team that you do know what you are doing.

Does performance review time make you panic?

If you dread giving performance reviews, take training on coaching and delivering feedback. Role playing and learning techniques such as active listening can dramatically increase your confidence.


Do you feel like you need fresh ideas and techniques?

Leadership training will give you insight into the latest leadership theories. Times change and so do employee populations. Leadership methods that may have worked for baby boomers may not be effective with Gen X or Gen Y employee groups.

Does your boss or your peers feel you’d benefit from leadership training?

This may be a tough question to ask but the answer can help you determine the amount of training you need and if your supervisor will support the idea of taking training. This support can be financial in addition to making provisions so that you can be away from your regular responsibilities while taking training.

Do you see yourself in a higher level leadership role in the future?

Consider leadership training if there is a good chance that you will be promoted into a leadership role that would mean a big increase in the size of your team or your portfolio of responsibilities. Leadership training can offer strategies to help adapt to this new level of responsibility.

Do you seem to hire the wrong people?

Leadership training can offer strategies on interviewing and selection techniques that are cutting edge. Learn new strategies to attract the type of employee that would be a good cultural fit as well as offer the correct set of hard skills.

If you’ve answered yes to one or two of these questions, then you may want to consider workshops that are tailored to your specific need. If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, then a full leadership training program could be your best bet for your professional development.