Today, in a business setting, team building is the number one key to guaranteeing success. It is imperative to have the channels of communication open with each member of the team members and the team leader and become one as a group. Most individuals look down on teamwork and fail to understand how working as a team can benefit them and their productivity and success. It is important to learn how to work as a team to be successful in business.

Focus on Goals

Anyone who has worked in a team oriented environment will know that the main goal is to work together with each team member to produce the results that are needed to ensure the success of the company. Teamwork success happens only when individuals focus in on certain activities and goals that need to be accomplished as a body of individuals.

Problems with Teambuilding

However, when working in teams, there is always room for problems to arise and muddy up the progress of the team. These problems can arise because of different personalities of each team member. Some wish to be the leader and dominate the group. Some lack commitment. Sometimes, people just don’t get along and can’t agree on the way to do things and achieve the goals that they are working towards.

Attributes of Good Team Leaders

A good team leader will do all that they can to rally the team together and make things work. The following are some tips and techniques that can help to build the perfect team. A team that is cohesive, co-operative, and definitely effective.

Understanding the Goal


First, it is important to ensure that everyone in the group understands each team goal and that they all agree that it is a good team goal.

Understanding Responsibility

Second, a good team leader will double check that each and every member of the team knows exactly what his or her responsibility is and make sure that no tasks are overlapping. They will assign tasks based on each member’s strengths and, if they give them complete control over their tasks, things will go much smoother.

Spending Time with the Team

Third, a good team leader will spend time with each member of the team. They should do this to build and develop a personal relationship of trust with them. They will need to provide an opportunity for each team member to develop a sense of belongingness to the team and to feel as though they can share thoughts and speak frankly to the group, giving them some time to socialize with each other should do this. This will encourage openness among the group.

Involve the Team

Fourth, it is very, very important to involve each and every team member on decisions that depend on team consensus. This does two things:

  •  It will increase their satisfaction levels and
  •  It will give them a feeling of self-worth and importance.

Constructive Feedback

Lastly, it is imperative that the team leader not only provides each team member with constructive feedback to help them continue to develop their personal and professional skills but also to make sure that they praise them and provide positive feedback where the team or team member has excelled.

Team building can have many challenges, but it is very important to resolve each challenge as they arise. Team building is a powerful tool that will help the good team leader’s business reach new heights.