If you want to become an entrepreneur without a lot of stress or financial outlay, trying out one of these business start-up ideas may just fit the bill. All can be started from home and most require little to no money to get started other than what you probably already have available to you.

The only caveat with these inexpensive business start-up ideas is that none are ‘get rich quick schemes’. All will take a lot of hard work, determination and skill to succeed and make money. However, if you want to quickly become an entrepreneur, read on.

Shoestring Business Start-Up Ideas

Inexpensive Business Start-Up Idea #1: Pet Care

A number of business ideas fall under the pet care umbrella: pet sitting, grooming and dog walking are the big three. More so in larger communities where pet owners aren’t fond of leaving their animals to roam the house or yard freely, pet care professionals offer companionship, training, support, and playtime. Currently, no accreditation is required for most pet care positions, although this may change in the near future.

Inexpensive Business Start-Up Idea #2: Home Care


Similarly to the pet owners listed in the business start-up idea above, homeowners also need their residences taken care of when they are away. Home maintenance (gutter cleaning, painting, snow removal, house cleaning or lawn mowing), house sitting and landscaping falls within the home care model.

Inexpensive Business Start-Up Idea #3: Delivery and Moving Services

For those who already have a larger truck available to them, delivering groceries or moving items from storage to someone’s home are simple transitions from a hobby for friends to an entrepreneurial venture. Things that some people don’t want to haul in the back of their newer vehicles (garbage, compost, gardening supplies, diaper services) are also ideas to keep someone in business for themselves along these lines busy.

Inexpensive Business Start-Up Idea #4: Child or Elder Care

With a larger-than-average number of adults needing basic care services these days, any business providing services to those who are shut in or unable to take care of some of their personal needs will do well. Alternatively, a stay-at-home parent could easily provide child care services to the other kids on the block while waiting for their parents to get home from work. Different locales require different certifications, however, so be sure to check that you have the necessary requirements before starting a business of this kind.

Inexpensive Business Start-Up Idea #5: Blog

With a niche idea and a couple of hours a day to get yourself set up, blogging can quickly become a very lucrative part or full-time business for anyone with the inclination. The key to success with blogging, however, is finding a topic you really love, want to write about almost daily yet without tons of competition already, and then setting up the blog properly to ensure enough traffic and money-making opportunities. For assistance and advice on getting started properly, visit ProBlogger.

Inexpensive Business Start-Up Idea #6: Recycling or Reusing Items

A tremendous amount of inexpensive business ideas stems from the current move toward reducing and reusing items instead of throwing them out, such as: selling items on eBay, cloth diaper services, and salvage or recovery of higher-value items such as copper or wood. Seamstresses and knitters could also fall into this category by fixing items no longer in use because of ill-repair or taking old sweaters or clothing and turning them into new creations.