Maintaining a healthy work-life balance for women can be a challenge. Whether you go out to work, work from home or are a full-time parent, finding enough hours in the day to complete all your tasks as well as making time for relaxation and exercise can seem impossible. Here are some tips to help make the work-life balance more manageable.

Work-life Balance in the Home

Women’s health can suffer because they do not take the time to relax. Taking time to relax rather than undertaking household chores is a good way to achieve work-life balance and improve your health. One simple way to do this is to re-claim the remote. Rather than let your children or partner make all the decisions around the family TV viewing, allow yourself some choices. Personally, I’d rather vacuum than watch another episode of Sponge Bob but if there’s something I find entertaining on TV, I’m more likely to take time out to relax and sit down to watch it.

Improve Health and Wellness through Regular Exercise

It can be hard to find time to exercise and for women, this often comes last on the priority list. Make yourself a regular time to exercise every day and you’ll not only enjoy the physical health benefits but you’ll find this can be a good opportunity for some mental downtime and stress relief too. It doesn’t need to be a long session; even just twenty minutes of gentle exercise each day can make a difference.


There are so many exercise options these days which means there really is something for everyone. A stroll around the block with the dog in the fresh air is perfect but if getting out of the house is too hard, why not try the modern form of exercise in the form of a game console. Something like the Nintendo Wii is perfect. Much more than just a toy, these are becoming the exercise tool of choice for people of all ages, offering everything from tennis and bowling to yoga and Pilates. Not too dissimilar to re-claiming the remote, if there’s a program to suit you, and chances are there is, you’re more likely to take the time to use it. Game consoles are no longer just about mindless shoot ’em up entertainment, they can be a healthy lifestyle choice.

Less Guilt: The Secret to Women’s Health

As women, we seem to have an inbuilt guilt complex. If we choose to go out to work we feel guilty for not staying home with the kids. Conversely, if we opt to be a stay-at-home parent the associated guilt of not contributing a financial income to the family can also be stressful and stress is not good for women’s health. The solution: lose the guilt. Accept the decision you have made is the right one and don’t dwell on it. Instead, focus your energy on your chosen role and do this well; your general sense of health and wellness will improve.

Have fun with embracing these ideas and enjoying a more healthy work-life balance.