In reality, most people disregard stress. They tend to think that stress is not that serious.


What most people don’t know is the fact that most of the diseases that human beings suffer from such as heart diseases, respiratory and mental diseases are all based on stress. Once taken for granted, stress can even cause death.

So, if you are clueless about your well-being and you don’t know how to get rid of stress, don’t worry. Here are some of the advices from the health experts in order to help live a life that is totally stress-free.

1. Don’t smoke; if you do, stop!

There are many great reasons to quit. One of them is to avoid or get rid of stress. Smoking increases the probability of stress acquisition in our body. In most cases, people who smoke a lot are those who are deeply stressed-out.

Moreover, stopping smoking is better for the skin.

2. Watch your weight.


Exercising regularly and watching your weight will help you avoid stress-related and lifestyle diseases like hypertension, heart diseases, and diabetes.

While it is true that heart attacks tend to hit men more than women, which is no reason for women not to be on guard.

Stress can kill everybody, whether you or old, girl or boy.

3. Relax and enjoy life as it is.

It is not luxurious to treat your self once in a while in spas or sauna baths. Indulging into these kinds of activities will definitely release all the tension and stress out of your system.

When at work, try to do some nippy exercises so as to unleash the anxiety and strain of a hard day’s work load. You can start by taking deep breathing exercises once in a while; inhaling slowly, hold for five seconds then breathe out. Make it a routine whenever you feel your nerves getting all cracked up.

You can also try some stretching exercises while on your seat. Head bending, neck stretching, and jaw exercises are all effective ways of releasing stress while at work.

And if you are really feeling low already and you think that there’s not enough energy to keep you going, by all means stop whatever it is that you are doing and go out of the room. Take a breathe of nice fresh air outside. Shun away from the reality for a few minutes and imagine yourself out in some place that you have been longing to visit or think about the nice things that is happening to you right now. Better yet, stop thinking at all. Just enjoy the air and let your senses guide you.

4. Maximize your break time.

Break times in work were not created just for the heck of having it. It has its purpose, so, whenever it is, your first 15-minute break or your lunch break, take the opportunity to turn away from whatever it is that you are doing and relax.

5. Make sure your work keeps you healthy and happy.

We spend most of our time at work, or traveling to and from work. We have to make sure that during that time our environment is safe; we are not exposed to hazards beyond safe levels; we have a manageable level of stress; we relate well with our colleagues; and at the end of the day we feel we have accomplished something with our team.

In order to live a life that is stress-free, you also have to help create a stress-free, safe and healthy places, whether you are a full-time mother, homeworker, a manager, a factory worker, sales man, the president of the country or an office worker. Do not allow your work, or yourself, to be valued less.

6. Work on your relationships.

Technology allows us to communicate easily. Send a simple text message to your husband or wife, or even your boyfriend or girlfriend by saying, “How are you?” It is simple, but it makes a big difference.

Go back to old friends so you can touch base with your roots. Together you will see how far you have come. It is not a competition; it is more about being in good company. And when there is no competition, there will be no stress.

7. Maintain a healthy balance in everything you do.

In order to live a stress-free life, there should always be a balance: in your diet, between work and relaxation, time for yourself and family.

So the food pyramid we have learned from science should be vital now. Say no to crash diets and drink alcohol in moderation.

Work-life balance also means finding time for all aspects of your life. Researchers have found that the more hours you spend at work, the more unhappy and anxious you feel. So, for a stress-free life, work smart not long. Take responsibility for achieving balance, and speak up when the demands are too much. Prioritize, allot a set time to each task, and do not engage in unproductive activities.

Indeed, life doesn’t have to be that complicated. All you need to do is to enjoy it as it is. In that way, you’ll live a life that is totally 100% stress-free.