Writers trying to break into the world of writing as a way of income will always face the issue with time management. Time is a precious thing and without proper management, can easily be passed by without any progress having been made.

Schedule Everything

Many writers love to think of writing as a fun hobby but have difficulty making the switch from a hobby to a career. Careers have schedules, daily plans to have progress made, and time logs to ensure those schedules are met.

First thing in the morning, make a schedule for the day and allot time for writing, breaks, recreational time, and lunch. By making the schedule, a writer will be more focused and will see a written account of their progress each day. Not only will this be a great motivator for a writer suffering from writer’s block, but it will also be easier on spouses, partners, etc to communicate with the engaged writer. By knowing the schedule, a partner will be able to come in during a recreational or lunch break to converse, without worrying about being bothersome.

Set a Goal


Writing for the sake of writing is great for hobbyists but for a career, goals need to be set. Goals are what drive careers, that keeps motivation high and workers happy, they are important in even the smallest of tasks.

A writer’s goals can be extremely minute or more long-term, but it helps to be working towards something. Having both long-term and short-term goals will motivate a writer and keep them focused. During a period of writer’s block, or a lull in inspiration, looking at the goals achieved, and ones in line to be achieved will inspire and keep the writer working.

Create an Office Environment

Writing has become well-known as a hobby for at home, someone sitting on the couch and writing endless blogs, and as something that doesn’t have the same stylings of an office job.

It is more productive for a writer to create an office environment at home, setting aside space in their abode for work and only work. Whether it be a certain corner of the living room with a table and lamp or a spare bedroom with a desk, it must be used for only writing.

Part of the office environment, aside from the actual space, is the atmosphere. While creating an office atmosphere does not mean having a boss to answer to, it does require proper clothing and a professional mindset. This mindset will focus the mind and propel the writer to think in a career-based fashion.

From Hobby to Career

Writing is taught in schools at a young age to complete homework and draw creativity out of students. Long-ago writers figured out that they could make careers out of their ability to write, being fictional or not.

Taking what was once a hobby and turning it into an income-producing career, a writer needs a few things to make it work. Creating a schedule, goals to achieve, and making an office space should be key items for an aspiring writer.