Time management is a commonly used phrase within both education and workplace environments as time constrictions are placed on each person from a young age, such as being given homework to be completed by the following day or week. While some people find it relatively simple to make plans, set goals and prioritize, others require help through learning key time management skills.

Time Management for Working from Home

For those who work from home, there are many extra distractions around compared to those within a typical office environment. It is useful to make a weekly priority list with three headings; one for home, one for work and one for personal tasks. Next, write a list of the key tasks in order of priority for the week and beside each task schedule a time limit. The more precise one is able to be the better as otherwise a whole morning may be wasted on just one or two tasks.

Time Management Skills

Reduce Distractions

At home, there is a far greater likelihood of being distracted so it is worth considering putting the answering machine on and turning the mobile onto silent setting. Find the quietest environment within one’s home to work and keep clutter away to help remain focused on the task at hand. It is also better to be in a room without a television. Some people find it easier to concentrate with the radio on, so it is a case of finding out what best suits one’s unique needs.



There are many benefits to having an organization system in place for during working hours and it is worth thinking about purchasing a filing cabinet or even just a few trays for the desk to help organize work into sections of completed, in the process of completion and tasks one is yet to begin. A good organization system means that time that would otherwise have been spent hunting for essentials such as a calculator, car keys, documents or stationery is no longer wasted.

Personal Internet Planner

A really useful tool for those who are working from home using the Internet is an online personal planner which is available with most Microsoft software and search engines. Most online planners have step-by-step instructions on filling in appointments and weekly activities. The major benefit of having an online planner is that it is far less easy to forget tasks and daily plans are made easily accessible.

As highlighted above, whether working from home or in a busy workplace, time management is an important skill to be more efficient and productive. A real benefit of working from home is that both office politics and workplace conflicts which are common in most offices are unlikely to be a problem.