What is the importance of time management in a persons life? If effective time management is not high on a person’s priorities list they may find that they do not achieve much. Learning to manage time effectively will bring individuals many benefits and advantages.

Why is Time Management Important?

Time management is important because, without it, life has the potential to be chaotic. The importance of time management can be shown by these points:

  • Time is limited. Therefore if a person doesn’t actively manage their time, this individuals time may be used up before they realize it.
  • Time management allows a person to succeed. Managing their time encourages achievement of goals.
  • What a person does with their time sums them up as a person. When people describe a person, they are really describing the sum of what that individual has done with their time. To take advantage of time management a person should engage in activities they want to be recognized for.
  • Effective personal time management allows individuals to spend time doing the things that they really enjoy. Whether that means more quality family time or more vacations.

What Makes Time Management a Life Skill?

A life skill is simply something that is beneficial to living a happy, balanced life. Time management fits into this description quite nicely as it does benefit those who practice it. Managing your time leads to a balanced life.


Another term for time management could be “task management” or even “life management”. Both these terms express how managing time better is one of the core life skills. It is important to develop all the cornerstone life skills – including time management.

How to Learn Time Management Skills

We live in the information age; so there is no shortage of methods to learn time management skills. You can learn from time management websites, books, seminars, courses, blogs and many other avenues.

A few key points to remember:

  • A person may have to experiment with different systems to find the right fit for them.
  • An individual can find out what their time wasters are by using a time management log.
  • Not every time technique will be the right fit for every person.

What are the Benefits of Time Management?

There are so many advantages to managing your time effectively. If an individual is still not convinced of the importance of time management – these are some of the benefits of time management to keep in mind:

  • Keeps an individual on track to achieving their big life goals. By managing their time well, they will reach those big goals they have.
  • Their life quality will be improved. They will get a happy, healthy and balanced life.
  • Upper hand. They will have advantages over those individuals that don’t manage their time because these people will be able to fit more into their day and achieve more.
  • More productive. Effective use of the minutes and hours in a persons day means that they will get more done in less time.
  • High standard of work. Being organized and making the most of their day. These people will not be stressed and rushing tasks, due to lack of time. Therefore their standard of work will be high.

These points may help an individual to understand the importance of time management better. If time management is not a part of a persons life yet, they might benefit by making learning time management a priority.