Girls are often plagued with more complex dilemmas than boys. Donna Dale Carnegie, daughter of the world-renowned motivational self-help guru Dale Carnegie, recognized the need for teenage girls to become assertive, sophisticated, and confident leaders of tomorrow. Based on the New York Times bestseller How to Win Friends and Influence People, Donna Carnegie revised her famous father’s best seller into a new edition specifically designed for teenage girls. Carnegie offers teenage girls the chance to learn some valuable lessons on how to deal with friends, girl style.

Table of Contents

Carnegie’s book focuses on providing advice on topics relevant to today’s teen girls. Some of the topics include the following:

  •  Peer pressure
  •  Popular cliques
  •  Gossip
  •  Boyfriend issues
  •  Dealing with parents and teachers

The primary focus of the book is to teach girls powerful ways to influence others, how to diffuse arguments, how to go about making decisions and dealing with mistakes. Written in easy to understand language, Carnegie provides valuable techniques that focuses on using clear and constructive communication as the primary tool needed to influence others. For example, Carnegie emphasizes the need for making people feel important and appreciated by expressing gratitude. According to Carnegie, “By making people feel important and giving their ego a boost, you can literally transform them.”

Carnegie also emphasizes the need to use praise rather than criticism as part of the constructive communication process. Readers will also gain valuable insight into developing emotional sensitivity, tolerance, and most importantly, a positive attitude even in the face of adversity.



Every aspect of the book was carefully designed to appeal to teenage girls. From the bright pink book jacket to the chic caricatures found in each chapter, readers are automatically drawn to the golden nuggets of wisdom this book offers. The following is the basic layout for each chapter:

  •  Each chapter begins with a famous Dale Carnegie quote to get the readers in the ‘mood’ for the central theme of the chapter
  •  Common scenarios and suggested advice
  •  Surveys with multiple choice answers
  •  Excerpts from interviews with teens
  •  Main points to ponder upon and/or suggestions for follow-up activities at the end of every chapter referred to as the ‘Reality Check’ section

In the latter part of the book, Carnegie provides advice for older teens and tackles a variety of issues, such as handling college interviews, how to make the best out of a situation, and most importantly, basic principles of how to become an influential leader of tomorrow. The book closes with information about the Donna Dale Carnegie and the Dale Carnegie Training program for Teens. It is the author’s hope that her book is able to provide insights that will assist teenage girls in reaching their goals and forming strong and healthy relationships.