Building the Image Of A Business Starts With You

When you think of brand building as a part of your marketing efforts you probably think of product branding or your business as a brand. The first place you need to start when it comes to building a brand is with yourself. This is because you are the face of your business. And you will project an image just like your business does. It’s up to you what kind of image you project.

The Different Aspects of Your Image

When we talk about your image we’re talking about many different things. Aspects such as your language, mannerisms, organization, and attire. These items are all a part of your personal makeup and the people you deal with your professional peers see these things every time they deal with you. And of course, when meeting with people you don’t already know you have to make a good first impression. It’s still true that first impressions are everything and in business, this is especially true. Because you may only get one chance to make that sale.

The Language You Use

The first thing you might want to think about is the language you use. Using profanity and slang is not always appreciated by your audience. Too often people let such language become a part of the way they speak all the time. Yes, people are going to cuss every now and then but many people do it all the time. It can become an unconscious act for them. They don’t even realize how often they do it. Another thing to consider is the use of slang words. Not everyone understands what they mean. People come from all over and yes they do talk differently. Slang and heavy accents are a way of life in many places. If you use a lot of slang where you come from then you should consider toning it down.

Mind Your Mannerisms

Mannerisms are also important in business. Of course, different cultures greet people differently. Handshakes, bowing, kissing cheeks, and even hugging briefly are all ways that can be used to greet people depending on where you are. You need to keep this in mind when you are dealing with others.

Be Organized

Next, you have to be organized when you meet with people. Being unorganized is something that people pick up on right away. Having unorganized briefcases, folders and documents provides the wrong impression to your clients. You could inadvertently be telling them that because you are unorganized their project could be handled in an unorganized fashion as well. That is not the image you want to project.

What to Wear


Finally, you need to consider what you wear. Now not all situations call for a three piece suit but you should try to dress appropriately for whatever type of meeting you are having. Slacks and a polo shirt is usually a safe and comfortable way to go. If you have to, keep a change of clothes at the office. That way you can be ready for any occasion.

You Are a Part of the Image

It’s pretty simple – the image your business projects starts with you. Everything from your language to your dress can make a difference when dealing with people. And they will remember you for the good and bad as well. But with a little work, you on your part can make a huge difference.