How Branding Starts with the Image of the Business

All companies are in the business of building an image and a brand. Whether you sell a product or a service. Whether you market your wares to other businesses or the general public. If you have a broad audience that you are trying to attract or a specific niche market you are in the business of building a brand. Your job is to develop a specific image for your product and then sell it to your audience. And your brand building begins with your business not just your product or service.

Brand Building Starts with Your Business

Brand building starts with your business because your business is what your audience will see. Especially if your market is other businesses or you offer a service to the public. A product-based business often has the product itself act as the face of the company but the public still wants to see who produces it. Your marketing is about your business, as is your reputation and public image. No matter what, everything comes back to your business and the image you develop for it.

A Business Brand Example

Let’s give an example of a service business for you to consider. Say you own a plumbing company. What is the public going to be exposed to when they deal with your company? Well the first thing they may see is an ad of some sort. Do you advertise on TV, in the paper, or the phone book? Somehow your target audience, in this case someone in need of a plumber, needs to find you. So what are they going to see? Whatever it is will be your first impression with them.

What Does Your Potential Customer See?

Next they will want to contact you. Assuming they are going to make a call how are you answering the phone? Do you answer or someone else? Is the manner professional and courteous or are they acting like you are an inconvenience to them. Are you helpful to them and take that extra minute to chitchat or are you brusque and in a hurry? Believe it or not your phone manner is part of brand building for your business. People remember how they are treated. And if you treat them the wrong way they will associate that with your business name and logo. The same goes if they are treated well.

Your Vehicles Are Part of the Brand

The next encounter your customer has with your company will possibly involve your company vehicle. Does your technician roll up in a beat up old van with barely the name of your business on it or do they have a nice clean truck with the logo emblazoned on the side? This is important for the customer. It indicates whether they are dealing with people who are serious about what they do.

Your Employees Are Part of Your Brand


Once your technician enters the residence then you need to consider their appearance. Is the technician in a nice clean uniform or are they dirty and in need of a shave? All of these areas provide points of contact between the customer and your business. Each is important if you want to retain this customer as a source of future business. Keep these points in mind when you consider the image you want your business to project.